It’s time to play Bocce!


Ciao, Amici –

Many people have requested that Circolo organizes “get-together’s” for the purpose of playing bocce.  At the picnic we organized this year for Ferragosto (see picture above), we had 4 teams playing against each other.  And the general request was, LET’S DO IT AGAIN!!!  

People who like to play bocce and people interested in sharing in the fun and cheers (and in the excellent food, as well) are all invited to come.  The more, the merrier!

So, here is what we did.  One of us went to Arnoldi’s and negotiated a VERY good deal with them for once a month dinner and bocce games at their restaurant (you might remember, they have two courts there).

Here are the details of the first bocce event:

DAY: SUNDAY, Sept. 15th, 2013

TIME: 5:30pm

PLACE:  ARNOLDI’S (600 Olive Street at the corner with Cota Street)


The dinner will consist of their excellent spaghetti and meatballs entree plus salad and tea.  The gratuity is also included.  NO HOST BAR.  We will have the use of the 2 bocce courts to play the game.

Reservations are required and payment must accompany the reservation.

Please click here to download a printable form.