Ciao Amici!

It is with great pleasure that I announce the details of this year Circolo Italiano‘s Christmas celebration. As announced, it will be a Pranzo di Natale, a Christmas Luncheon. And here they are…

We were able to get a venue that is one of Santa Barbara’s most elegant places, La Cumbre Country Club.  The menu is not only great but it will also be easy on the budget. Can you imagine to have the choice of entrees such as roast prime rib or fish (catch of the day) and everything else included for $42 per person? 

We will also have live music. Three gifted musicians from a local musical group, Bella Musica, will softly play Xmas music, both Italian and traditional, for us.

Finally, there will be 3 surprise gifts  that will be given to three lucky people at the beginning of the Pranzo.  Circolo’s Befana will come a little early for these three lucky winners!

Perhaps you do not know about the Italian Befana. For us Italians it is traditional to celebrate the gift-giving day on January 6th, the Befana. According to our tradition, this day we celebrate the arrival of the three Kings to Bethlehem to pay their respects and bring their gifts to Baby Jesus. (Please look at the end of this post to read about the legend of La Befana.)

Isn’t it a wonderful way to start the Holiday Season?  Here are the details:

Date:              Saturday, December 5th, 2015                                                                   Time:            12:00 Noon                                                                                                     Place:            La Cumbre Country Club, 4015 Via Laguna, Santa Barbara               Cost:               $42.00/person for a delicious 3-course lunch. Wines and coffee                              included.

Dress Code:   NO DENIM OF ANY COLOR!!! 

DEADLINE FOR RESERVATIONS: Monday, November 30th, 2015

Reservations are required and payment should accompany your reservations.


BY CHECK – Please click HERE for a downloadable, printable RSVP form.  OR


Two options available:  Option 1-Prime Rib  –  Option 2-Fish.  Please click on the little arrow in the “Option” box, choose the option(s) want.  You can choose multiple entrees by coming back to this page by clicking on “Continue shopping” in the PayPal page.  Once you have ordered the type and number of dinners you want to buy, click on check-out and  follow directions. 

Choice of entrees


La Befana, a character in the Italian folklore, is a friendly old witch who usually delivers gifts to good children. But she can also deliver coal to the children who have misbehaved!!! The legend says that the three Kings stopped at Befana’s house, asking for directions to reach Bethlehem and the newborn Baby King.  Befana did not know how to get there but she was very kind to them.  They invited her to come along but she refused because she was too busy cleaning her house with her broom. Later she changed her mind and tried to catch up with them with her gifts for the Baby King, but she could not find them.  From then on she kept on looking and every year she brought presents to all children on January 6th