Cari Amici –

It is with great pleasure that we announce a new cultural series dedicated to Italy’s most beautiful and meaningful cities.  We have called it Cities of Italy.  

And what magnificent city will have the honor to start the parade of some of the most incredible cities in the world?

Venice, Queen of the Seas?
Its Past and Its Present

A presentation by Jon Snyder, Professor of Italian Studies, UC Santa Barbara.

Here is how he describes the theme of his presentation:

More than a millennium ago, Venice rose from salt water and barren tidal flats to become the legendary capital of a maritime empire without equal in its day. It was not only the astounding artistic and technological creativity of its citizens, the fabulous wealth that came from its spice and silk trade, and its unique republican government, that allowed La Serenissima to prosper for so many centuries, but a profoundly shared civic philosophy concerning the relationship between Venice and its beautiful—but extremely fragile—Lagoon. The awareness of an ineradicable bond between culture and nature, of interdependence between city and sea, marks the spirit of Venetian civilization and its inimitable achievements. What remains of this spirit today, in an era of accelerating environmental change? Is it still possible for Venice to be “saved”?

And here are the details:

Saturday, April 29th, 2017
La Cumbre Country Club
4015 Via Laguna, Santa Barbara

12:00 Noon Luncheon
Followed by Professor Snyder’s presentation

Cost: $35 per person

Dress code:  No denim of any type/color

Rervations are required and the payment must accompany your reservation.

Deadline to reserve is Tuesday April 25th, 2017