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It is with a great pleasure to present to you the fascinating story of how Italian fashion was reborn in a Country ravaged by war.

We will explore this remarkable period of creativity in Italy that went from 1945 to 1970 which gave rise to Italian high fashion (alta moda) and was also notable for its extraordinary contributions in art, architecture, cinema, theater and photography. We will examine the development of Italian high fashion and the relationship of fashion design with art and  cinema.  We will also explore the roles that Rome and Florence played in the production and staging of fashion during this early extraordinarily creative and productive time.

It was also the period when Italy turned away from France as a source of inspiration and began looking inward. What set apart Italian creations from the more showily contrived French couture of that day, and what renders them fresh even now, was a deliberately un-fussy cut and emphatically functional approach to design.

“This moment in history laid the foundation for Italy’s future ready-to-wear by tracing its beginnings within the social and cultural context. The Italian high fashion of that time was grounded in a strong sense of reality: they were luxury creations, but nonetheless practical; precious, embroidered textiles that had a certain simplicity; short cocktail dresses that allowed for movement; and warm, roomy coats accompanied by over-sized handbags.
This awareness of reality created an opportunity for a fashion system that truly served its patrons, with garments designed for the life of the modern woman.” (Stefano Tonchi, Editor-in-Chief of W magazine)

This lecture, Made in Italy: The Glamour of  Postwar Italian Fashion, 1945-1970, will be delivered by Gabriella Geri-Schooley, ICHF’s President Emerita and former Senior Docent at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art.

And here the details:

Saturday, November 9, 2019
12 Noon Luncheon,  followed by Gabriella’s Lecture
La Cumbre Country Club
4015 Via Laguna, Santa Barbara

 Cost: $35

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Deadline to reserve is Tuesday, November 5, 2019

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